Shinding – Saturday

Katie, Mitchell, Donny, and Sidney by the game table
Kaitlin, Amanda, and Oliver!

Saturday was the big Shindig day. A 6 hour party filled with painting, board games, a puzzle, photo booth, Mario Kart, racing arcade games, and skeeball. There was also ice breaker bingo that people really took to and loads and loads of snacks and drinks. This was the party that I wanted everyone to really get into and love. I got Lydia involved with the painting section and she did a spectacular job by bringing painting samples, creating instructions, and lugging ALL of the supplies from Washington. I am in her debt! I wish so badly that I could have painted something but I barely sat down that day for longer than 5 minutes. Thankfully Lydia left the supplies with me so I have begun to paint my own set of mountains!

I think the party was a general success. The painting station was definitely a hit and there were some amazing paintings that came out of it. The puzzle was also popular and was actually finished prior to the evening’s end. Sadly, two puzzle pieces were missing, whether by guests or the actual company, so I’m going to have to figure out if I want to purchase the puzzle again or not. I didn’t get to see it when it was done so I will have to put it together myself at home and then decide!

Elisabeth, Chris, Sandra, and Ben!

We got some great pictures out of the photo booth and dinner from Tocabe, the Native American fare, was widely received. We had trivia towards the end of the evening and the majority of guests participated which made me really happy. We had some great team names but the only one I can remember is The Fighting Sloths – they had a really cute hand motion they did whenever their name was called.

Many of my coworkers ended up coming for different lengths of time too. It was so nice that they took time out of their day to hang out for a bit. I didn’t get to spend much time with them but I think they all had fun.

We did have one hiccup where alcohol was brought into the venue without my knowledge (we were on school district property so it wasn’t allowed) and the venue staff ended up calling the police on us. But the police were nice enough and left after I told them I dumped the alcohol down the sink. One of them snapped a photobooth picture with some of the guests, which was a fun surprise when I was flipping through the photos last Monday.

At evening’s end everyone helped clean up which was so amazing. I think I just stood around while everyone picked things up and cleaned. I said goodbye to Katie and Mitchell that night cause they had a flight out the next morning and I went to bed. Except I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking I was going to get fired for having alcohol at the party. I realize now it was just my exhausted brain going crazy but at the time it was not a pleasant thought. Good news is, I made it through an entire week at work without the police coming to get me or HR telling me to pack my things.

Me and Katie


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