Week so far

This week has been pretty decent. I volunteered yesterday morning for the big professional development event that is happening for principals and assistant principals. It meant I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen for a while. It was pretty great to have people saying hello to me and being happy to see me. I was also happy to see them! I’ll be volunteering again Friday morning for more fun.

The past couple of days our building’s windows are being washed. May not sound exciting but I’ve been here for three years and they’ve done it maybe once? It’s quite the difference, turns out clean windows make the world a prettier, brighter place. Of course I’m working and then all of a sudden I hear this big BANG as the window washer slams his suction cup handle onto the window. Causes a bit of a jump but it’s worth it.

Then this morning I came in to work to find a kitten notebook waiting for me. No idea who gave it to me but it’s pretty cute and was a nice way to start my day. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet. After lunch a teammate came by with Krispy Kreme donuts so that was great. 


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