My day – July 26


One of the presents Gene and I got from the shindig was a felt message board. That’s right, we’re getting fancy up in here now! For now the board is hanging out by the kitchen window but perhaps it will find a place on a wall one day. I think I’ll take a picture of every message we write for one year and compile it into an album. That could be fun, right? I might start actively taking a picture a day like Gene does. I love seeing his pictures so I imagine I’d like to see my own too. We’ll see what happens.

Look at that growth!

In other news, the lily by the kitchen sink has come back with a vengeance after Pippin knocked it over one night and snapped two of its stems. No cat’s gonna stop this plant! It makes me happy to see because it had been a month or so since the incident and there hadn’t been any growth until last week. I got some tough plants.

Also, I ate some funyuns today and I just want to say I really like those chips. People forget about them and it’s a shame because they are tasty.

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