Past few days

Pippin, overlooking his domain

Yesterday we made homemade mashed potatoes. First time ever. #Adulting. The consistency was odd but the taste was decent, could have used more salt and butter in my opinion but Gene cares about his health so recipe quantities it was. I’m guessing we stirred the potatoes for too long as they were a weird kind of sticky paste. I’m not sure how to accurately describe them, it was very interesting.

Good news is, it’s extremely easy to make homemade mashed potatoes so I’m pretty sure we’ll try again. I followed an Alton Brown recipe this time, although I didn’t use a food mill but a Kitchenaid mixer instead to do the mashing, and I think it holds promise.

After dinner we watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a movie by Taika Waititi (he also did What We Do In the Shadows & Thor: Ragnarok). The movie was really good. Musical score was lovely and powerful. Especially when paired with the breathtaking scenes of New Zealand wilderness. Combine that with the two main actors who pulled off their characters wonderfully and you have a good movie. I laughed a lot and really enjoyed the whole thing. Definitely recommend.

Macaron Monday

Today, two of my coworkers came back from their summer break. They get two months off every summer so it’s always nice when they return to work because I enjoy their company. One of them also appreciates my rat decorating so I was pleased when she mentioned her love of my summer rat display. I’ll have to take a picture and post it on here for all to see.

Then, this afternoon, one of my coworkers surprised me with some macarons from D Bar. Out of the blue, just a thoughtful thing for me and my other coworker. So my Monday was good. BBQ nachos are about to come out of the oven for my dinner to help end the day. Woot!


2 thoughts on “Past few days

  1. What a great pic of Pippin! Please do post a picture of your rat decor. You are so very creative and fun!

  2. Is it perhaps because you didn’t have enough liquid in your Mashed potatoes? Yes, I’m just now realizing I didn’t comment on this hahaha.

    sticky mashed potatoes usually means they were in a weird limbo state with not enough liquid. (I am a self proclaimed mashed potato wizard.)

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