My day – July 31

I started my work day with a walk – how awesome is that. It was really good actually because I had been sitting in stop and go traffic for the previous 15 minutes and I was a bit antsy. But this morning my team met at a meeting space a few blocks away from my office so I parked at work and walked over. I did get a bit hot but it was still enjoyable to be outside and getting some steps in.

The meeting itself was good, I was able to get to know some of my coworkers a bit more and my lunch was provided since we were there for so long. But it’s getting to spend those small bits of down time with my coworkers that I really like. Where I get to talk to them about life and learn more about who they are. There are some really interesting and neat people on my team.

And now, I present my summer rat display:


Close ups:

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