My day – August 1


Today was a pretty normal day – however I did go to a middle school to take part in an interview for a new coworker. It was very sweet that I was asked to be involved. I’m generally not asked because I don’t have that educational experience that almost everyone else in the district has. But my teammates asked me this time because they were thoughtful.

I liked getting out of my office, especially when I saw that the room I was in had a whole shelf full of plants. It was just so beautiful. Plants really do brighten my mood. I might have to think about getting some plants for my desk. Problem is, I’m not very close to the windows so I’m afraid the plants would suffer. I say that, though, and there’s a plant on top of my desk right now and it’s doing just fine so I think I need to give up that notion.

I end with a picture of Pippin laying on my desk.


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