My day – August 3

Yesterday I was treated with the surprise of fried okra at work. Almost every Friday I treat myself to some hush puppies from my work cafeteria (you only live once) and yesterday not only did I get those but I also got okra! /Happy dance. Since I don’t purchase coffee or tea everyday like many people do, I tell myself a couple bucks worth of hush puppies a week is okay. They’re just so tasty. I keep telling all my coworkers to give them a try but thus far not one person has taken my advice. Their loss, more for me. But if anyone wants to come visit me at work one Friday, I will happily treat you to a couple of them.

I also finished a book that I had been enjoying – The Bear & The Nightingale – it’s a story about a girl in Russia who finds herself between old religion of spirits and new religion of Christianity. Magic runs in her blood and she’s the only one who sees the spirits of old. It’s a fantasy story of a strong female butting heads against the world of men’s rule, fighting evil things, and magic. I really liked it. It was a bit long but it kept my attention enough to keep going. It was interesting to read about Russian folklore, I know very little about Russia and its history so this was a cool way to get a tiny glimpse into it. It appears that this book is the first of a series so I will have to look into the following books to see if they’re of any interest.

Speaking of Russia, I bought myself a ticket to Fiddler on the Roof! The Broadway production is coming to Denver next summer and I couldn’t help myself – I have loved the music for so long, and the movie, there was no way I could pass this up. I have agreed with myself that I will spend money on musicals and plays and other events that I want to attend because my life is short and I don’t want to wait until retirement to truly live.

So I also bought myself tickets to see Wicked and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s gonna be a great summer next year, I have a show in May, June, and July. How lucky am I?!

One thought on “My day – August 3

  1. Hush puppies and fried okra? You’re a true southern gal! So excited about the plays. I saw Fiddler on the roof on stage and it was fantastic!

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