Visit to Kaitlin’s

Me and Ollie chilling out while everyone naps

Yesterday morning I went to Kaitlin and Kevin’s house to help out with EG and Ollie. I loved getting to see all of them but gosh was I tired after, and I was only there for a little over 24 hours. What a different life it is to be a parent. EG is awesome (she can say that word now, by the way). She can say so many words and she understands even more. She said “bless you” for the first time after Kevin sneezed yesterday. It was adorable. She is sweet and thoughtful and usually willing to help. She loves to be read to and going outside – two things that go right to my heart. I really enjoy spending time with her and am so glad I got some alone time with her this weekend.

Ollie isn’t old enough to have a personality – that I can see – but good news is Kaitlin and Kevin are figuring out why he’s such a fussy baby and are beginning to make their lives a bit easier….and quieter. I got to hang out with him for a couple hours yesterday and a couple hours today. I’m excited for when he’s 6 months old, that’s when he starts to be more than just a baby I think.

EG checking out the ducks at the park

Kaitlin and Kevin are doing a great job, especially being sleep deprived. Kaitlin even found time last night to write thank you notes (not something I would have done if I were in her situation, screw thank you notes). She made some cookies with EG too all between taking care of Ollie. We went on a walk before dinner where EG swung (another way to my heart) and then we watched the ducks and geese for a bit.

I had a lot of fun but for the first time in a long time, I took a nap when I got home today. I really have no idea how Kaitlin does it every day, I think I would just fall asleep standing up and let the babies fend for themselves. Thankfully, my mom helps multiple days throughout the weeks and Lisa, Kevin’s mom, is there now so hopefully in a couple weeks, after Ollie’s problems have all been ironed out, a normal life will be back for them all.

EG hanging out with me outside

With Lisa coming for a visit, Kaitlin let me go earlier today than I originally planned. I think it was a good idea as I got home, ate some lunch, and then slept because I didn’t think I would be able to do anything else. I haven’t taken a nap since college, maybe even before then. That tells you how crazy it is being around children. But my nap was great and I had the energy afterward to do a bit of cross stitch, read, and clean up a bit. Who knows what the rest of my evening will bring but it will definitely be relaxing.

20180804_174720 (1).jpg
Going on a walk

One thought on “Visit to Kaitlin’s

  1. God bless you, sweet one. You are building a great relationship with your little niece (and later, your nephew) and helping your sister!

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