Meet up & paper bats

After work yesterday I met up with the Comic Book Meetup leader to have dinner and discuss my taking over the meetup. Yep, I’m going to be running a meetup group. Well, mostly running. There are editors that can also create events so I will have help, which greatly reduces my fear and promotes mostly excitement for this change, but I’m going to be the head. Our current leader is moving to California so she asked if anyone wanted to take over and it turns out I was the only one who offered to fully commit. I do love organizing things and this group has made me feel so loved and welcomed that I didn’t want to see it disappear.

So yesterday I had dinner at Trattoria Stella, a nice Italian restaurant near downtown, and chatted about what to do and how to be a good leader. The food was delicious and the company was nice, I am truly sad that our leader is moving because I like her so much, she is such a kind person. Hopefully we’ll see her again. There’s a going away meetup for her next week so I’ll at least get to see her one more time and she promises to visit.


In other news, check out the origami bat that Sidney made a of couple days ago. It even has the little upturned snout! It’s so cute. Sidney was thinking about making one a day up until Halloween so we’ll see how that goes, our house may have bats hanging from all the ceilings by then, I would love it.

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