Past few days

Star Trek pinball at 1-Up!

This past week was a busy one at work. Tomorrow is the first day of school so last week was everybody doing lots of prep work. It wasn’t a bad week overall but with a busy work life and a few different things happening in the personal life, I was tired. Thankfully there weren’t any major plans this weekend so I slept in and have been enjoying the rest time.

Friday night, Elisabeth and I went to 1-Up, an arcade bar, to say goodbye to the leader of our comic book meetup group. I had never been before – turns out it’s a pretty cool place. Granted, the location we went to didn’t have food so I just drank water, but we had dinner before we went so it wasn’t a big deal. The place has all the classic arcade games plus a few updated versions (4 player Pac-man, anyone?) as well as loads of pinball games, skeeball, and that basketball shooting game. I had a blast, and stayed almost an hour over I intended. For only 6 1/2 bucks, Elisabeth and I played around for two hours. I really enjoyed myself. With that said, the place got really loud as the night went on, and it started out pretty loud to begin with. It also got really crowded. I told Elisabeth that I’d be down for going again but probably during the week and earlier in the evening.

Gene doing a handstand

Yesterday, Gene and I spent a couple of hours weeding the backyard and I’m happy to say that we got both of the side yards cleared! I keep thinking that if I can clear it all out, no more weeds will grow. Sadly, Gene thinks that’s just a dream, and I’m starting to think he’s right. At least I don’t mind pulling weeds too much. After that I went to Nick’s Garden Center and got myself a few ground cover plants to start filling in the remaining dirt sections in the backyard. While I didn’t quite accomplish my yard plan for this year, I did get a good portion of it done and am really looking forward to next year when I’ll make even more progress. Give me a few more years and my yards are going to be oasis’s!

I was going to plant the new plants this morning but last night we had a heck of a storm so the ground is still wet, guess that means I’ll plant them later this week. No biggie. I’ll do a bit of meal prep instead and then go have lunch with our friends we haven’t hung out with in a bit. Might end up going to dinner tonight too. It will be a nice day!

Gene squatting with Pippin

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