Updates from the past week

Peach dessert at D Bar

The first week of school was exhausting for me but I made it through! On Wednesday, the housemates and I ate dinner at Daikon, the bahn mi place near Gene’s and Sidney’s works. The restaurant has really expanded its menu since I last went, they now offer salmon, tofu, and chicken salad in addition to adding more seating. The amount of protein options is a little overwhelming, so I hope they reduce it eventually or find a better way to show everything on their menu. I got teriyaki chicken as I always do and was not disappointed. The place is still delicious.

Chicken pot pie from Steuben’s

Elisabeth, Sidney, and I then went to Mixed Taste at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. Mixed Taste is an event where two professionals from two different sectors of the world each give a lecture on their expertise and then the audience asks questions. Maybe check out the link for a better description. The evening we went there was a lecture on pre-nups and a lecture on crop circles. It was a lot of fun and the housemates and I decided we would go again when next season started up (we went to the last one of the season!). We get discounted tickets because we’re part of the Radvantage Membership, and it’s a nice way to spend an evening out.

On Friday, Gene and I went out on a date, starting at D Bar where we had sweet potato fries and a peach dessert. That peach dessert was the bomb – it had cornbread, ice cream, peaches, blackberries, and sugared pecans. Cooked to perfection and so delicious. Afterward we walked over to Steuben’s to get a bit of dinner in us. We split chicken pot pie and some cheesy broccoli. The chicken pot pie was a bust, sadly, it was mostly just chicken broth and very little vegetables. There was plenty of ham, which might be good for some people, but I don’t like ham that much so it was disappointing. The broccoli was delicious though and was just enough food to keep me and Gene full through the night.

We walked around a bit and then headed to the Paramount Theater where we got to see David Cross, a comedian, perform. He was decent, neither of us had seen him before nor did we have a lot of experience with his comedy. Happy to say I enjoyed his set and would probably watch him again.

Sidney and I inadvertently wore the same outfit on Saturday!

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day for me. The housemates knew I had a really rough week so they were all super kind and calm. The surprised with me a bath bomb that I plan on using today. Gene and Sidney did the grocery shopping for me and Sidney made lunch for us all. It was lovely. We played a game of Pathfinder and in the evening we went to Fairmount Cemetery to watch the movie Coco. The cemetery shows movies every summer and Sidney and I have wanted to go but we always forget. But this time Sidney remembered and it was a movie we were all good with watching so we finally went. It was great, the weather was cool but the rain held the whole time and the movie was cute. We loaded the car with blankets, pillows, and snacks so we had a great set up when we got there. I think we’ll need to do this again next summer.

We’ve already finished meal prep for the week and I spoke with my mom today so who knows what the rest of the day will bring. My mom had double knee replacement surgery on Thursday so she’s been in the hospital recovering just enough to go to rehab for a couple of weeks. She has a long road of recovery and healing ahead of her but she’ll get through it! It means she’ll be able to walk without pain again and do any activity she wants, all great things.

Movie at the cemetery


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