Weekend time

Saturday morning, Gene and I drove down to Colorado Springs to visit my parents. My mom got double knee replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to visit her while she was in rehab (she gets out Wednesday!). She is doing great, she can walk around now and get in and out of bed without any help. The surgeon told her one of her knees was the worst knee he had ever seen and the other knee was in the top 10 worst. So I think her living standard is about to be greatly improved!

Ready for Oklahoma!

Gene and I had dinner with my dad in between visits with my mom and we hung out at their house. Sunday morning we booked it back to Denver (after having homemade french toast of course!) because Gene and I had tickets to Oklahoma! that afternoon. The production had an all black cast and was thoroughly enjoyable. Those people could dance! The singing was also good but the dancing was definitely my favorite part.

After the musical, we went back home, took a quick rest, and then headed back out, this time with the housemates, where we went to a free outdoor concert. The brass and percussion portion of the Colorado Symphony performed music from a famous composer, Bernstein, in honor of his 100th birthday. We brought picnic blankets, tried some food truck goodies, and hung out while listening to live music. It was so much fun and we’ll definitely be going back for other events.

Concert time!

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