My weekend

This past weekend was pretty great. Sidney and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite at the Paramount on Friday where, after the movie, the actors who played Napoleon, Pedro, and Uncle Rico, came out and answered audience questions. I really enjoyed the evening and laughed so much. I’m glad Elisabeth found this event for us, even though she didn’t end up going.

Saturday, Sidney made waffles, hash browns, and sausage for breakfast so I was thrilled. I visited my dad in the hospital real quick before going to Target to look for sweatpants for Gene. I ended up getting a pair for myself along with jeans and some cute beet socks. We went grocery shopping, relaxed a tiny bit at home, and then went to Domo, a Japanese restaurant, for dinner. We were finally able to celebrate our 11 year friendversary! The restaurant was decorated in a very rustic, country way, I liked it quite a bit. But the service wasn’t great and while the food was good, I thought it was a bit overpriced. I’m not sure I would recommend the place. After dinner, Elisabeth and I visited my dad for a bit one more time.

On Sunday we played 5 Minute Dungeon, a game that my mom gifted Gene after the surgery. It was a lot of fun and is something I think we will play more of for sure. It was a lovely day of hanging out and not doing much. I finished a comic book I was reading for my next comic book meetup, did a tiny bit of cross stitching, and started coloring a succulent picture Kaitlin got me!

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