My weekend

This weekend was so nice. I got a few tasks done (overdue oil change, anyone?) while also being able to hang out with our friends, Josh and Brittany, to carve and paint pumpkins. This year I decided to carve a dinosaur. I’ve finally learned that a template is the way for me to go, no free-styling the carving, and that the template should be pretty basic. A brontosaurus was just what my pumpkin called for. There was space still left so I added “RAWR” to the top. I’m quite proud of it as I wrote the letters mostly myself (Sidney did help me figure out how to carve them out). I enjoy carving pumpkins, maybe next year I’ll do two of them.

Yesterday, the housemates and I started playing a new game – Gloomhaven. It’s another multi-session game and we’re learning it is a very serious, difficult game. We haven’t gotten the hang of it yet but we definitely will given time.

After giving that a go, Elisabeth and I went to our comic book meetup where we discussed our October comic. We went to the bar at the Alamo Drafthouse theater and it turns out it was a great location. It was fairly quiet, which is almost an impossible thing these days, it wasn’t crowded, the ambiance was nice, and the seating was comfortable. We had a good turn out and the conversation was fun and enjoyable.


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