Halloween rats

The Halloween rats at my work continue to grow. They sit behind me on a cabinet and bring joy to those who pass by. A coworker had the idea to dress them up for Halloween and now we have rats dressed as a witch, mummy, princess, pumpkin, and spider. The spider is a new addition as of yesterday. A teammate spent time and made an entire little costume – felt, feathers, and pipe cleaners come together to create an spider rat. How creative! This same woman made the pumpkin costume for us. It’s quite interesting to see the different level of involvement and love these rats produce.

Yesterday, my coworker and I submitted a request to have the rats be our version of employee of the week. We’ll see what happens, it was fun to submit the form regardless if the Communications team decides to include our piece in the newsletter or not. My dad had a great idea that I could create a certificate for them so I think I’ll do that next week, maybe present it to them on Halloween? I think that would be cute.

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