Glow at the Gardens


Yesterday, Sidney, Elisabeth, and I went to the Botanic Gardens at night to experience their Glow in the Gardens spectacular for the first time. Hundreds of pumpkins and lanterns lined the walkways, walls, and open spaces of the garden. There was a variety of large pumpkin sculptures, including an owl and a dragon that spurted water from its gaping maw. One chunk of land was dedicated to a pumpkin cemetery, with pumpkin zombies emerging from the ground. A giant spider surrounded by baby spiders filled an entire corner of the garden and a headless horseman even made an appearance. It was a blast walking around the gardens in the dark, the only light coming from the eerie moon and the pumpkins and lanterns. A variety of music filled our ears as we wandered and there were even some really cool lights highlighting an aspen grove in one section. We saw a 900 lb pumpkin near the cafe and marvelled at an entire hill lined with glowing pumpkins. The pumpkins were lit by LED lights so they changed colors every few seconds, it was truly mesmerizing. Even from far away the pumpkin hill called to you. It was one of my favorite parts of the evening


It definitely inspired me to do more pumpkin carving next year. But whether I’ll follow through with that or not is another question. Carving is messy and takes a lot of time, not to mention that pumpkins aren’t that cheap. Perhaps I need to grow my own?? Regardless, I like the idea of using LED lights to illuminate my creation and think I’ll invest in that next year.

It was a really lovely evening and I’m glad I got to spend it with Sidney and Elisabeth.



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