Enamel pins

A while back, Sidney started collecting enamel pins and putting them on jackets and bags. I fell in love with the look of enamel pins and their vast variety but I tried to hold myself back from purchasing them because I really didn’t have a good enough reason. I did purchase a few though, with the idea that I could put some on my work lanyard and I’d figure the rest out.

I had been seeing that a lot of people put enamel pins in cork board to display them so I figured I could do the same. Quick search on Amazon, a couple of clicks, and two days later we had four cork boards ready to be hung on the wall. Sidney was awesome and handled all of the aligning and hanging (it’s not something I really enjoy). Now everyone in the house has their own cork board to do as they wish with pins. My plan is to purchase a pin on every vacation I go to – it’ll be an easy and cheap way to bring back a souvenir.

Check out our boards!

All of the boards. Guess which one is Gene’s
Close up of my board

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