Saturday at the Expo

This morning, Elisabeth and I had a friend date! We ate breakfast together at Sam’s No 3 and then went to the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo. We went to the Sam’s that’s in Glendale, it’s the one near Elisabeth’s work and one I’ve never been to before so I was down. Breakfast was good (french toast!) but the two of us realized we don’t care much for the breakfast items that restaurants usually offer. I’d much rather have some cheese and meat, yogurt and fruit. Maybe a croissant. I take that back, always a croissant.

A portion of one of the train sets.

After breakfast we headed to the Denver Mart where they were hosting the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo. I thought there was going to be a lot of board games and D&D miniatures so I convinced Elisabeth to go with me. Turns out there wasn’t much, or any, of either of those things. But we still had fun walking around the expo and checking out the extremely detailed and impressive train sets that people and teams had created. There was an entire Disneyland train track, with the monorail going through Disneyland. It even included a roller coaster! I wish I had had the courage to take a picture of it.

LEGO haunted house

There was a LEGO section from the Denver LEGO User Group that was so neat. They had Funko Pop style LEGO and a variety of displays of different scenes. We saw a Ghostbusters LEGO and a Hogwarts LEGO among many other awesome exhibits.

After wandering the expo we tried out Red Dragon Inn, a game that was on demo, and one of a handful of games we could buy. We then checked out Mint Works from the game library (so glad that was there, you could play a variety of games for free) and played a couple other games that were being raffled off – we’ll see tomorrow if we won either of them.

I really enjoyed my time with Elisabeth. We went to something new, played a few new games, and had a pleasant time together.

Happy Saturday from my home



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