Bite-size at bookbar

Yesterday evening I did more fun stuff – but this time with Sidney! We made a quick stop at Target to return a few items and were lucky enough to get to see this gorgeous sky:


It was so breathtaking – the entire horizon was covered in a variety of clouds and color. While of course the photo doesn’t quite capture the beauty we saw, I think it does a pretty decent job at it, you get the idea of what we saw.

We then headed to the bookbar, a bookstore/bar/restaurant combination in Denver. The Denver Center for Performing Arts teamed up with the store to run Bite-Size, an evening of 5 mini plays that ran for 15 minutes each. We were put in a group and our group was taken from play to play. Four of the plays were in the store (one was in a building next door) so it was interesting as the store isn’t that big and you could hear snippets of the other plays going on. One play even incorporated another play’s script into their own. It was intriguing and worked really well. The plays were all based on different books in one way or another. While I didn’t recognize which books they were, I still loved watching them, I don’t think it took away from my enjoyment. One play showed the family’s reaction to Gregor’s transformation into a cockroach from The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It was almost entirely silent and was quite interesting. It was the only play I recognized which book it was based on.

I enjoyed all of the plays, though some resonated with me more than others, as the way of things goes. The staff who guided us between our stops were extremely courteous and helpful. They all wore argyle vests and made the night go seamlessly. The appetizers we got were good and the atmosphere was really cool and inviting. I think the evening was very well done and well executed.

Sidney and I both liked the evening quite a bit and would go back to this sort of thing if it comes around again. I sure hope it does.

Program & charcuterie plate we split

2 thoughts on “Bite-size at bookbar

  1. Hi Lauren! I just came across your post on Bite Size and I wanted to share that we’re releasing a book of all the plays (plus 5 judge faves that weren’t performed) in two weeks! Reach out to me at if you’d like an advanced review copy to share about on your blog.

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