Halloween treats at work

My meringue ghosts

Today was the Halloween treat competition at work. Last night I made ghost meringues and candy corn inspired sugar cookies. While the sugar cookies didn’t turn out how I envisioned, the meringue was pretty successful and I’m proud of my first attempt at piping. I ended up not entering my cookies into the competition because I thought they were too under cooked but it’s okay, I learned some things about making swirl cookies – mostly that I should let the dough thaw a bit before I try rolling it and that the cookies should be pretty thin.

I was very pleased with how many people brought in treats. We had an amazing variety and the table looked awesome. Most of the team came to participate and try the goodies. Although I didn’t end up winning one of the awards, I enjoyed myself and am quite happy. I ate too much sugar though – really thought I would have learned that lesson by now but that does not seem to be the case. Next time perhaps.


One thought on “Halloween treats at work

  1. WOW! Looks like a lot of food – so pleased your coworkers participated – such a great group. Did you organize all this?

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