My day 10/30


Today I got a great email – the Communications department at work is going to feature my coworkers, myself, and our rats in Thursday’s newsletter! They loved our submission last week nominating our rats for employee of the month. So as soon as I saw that email, which asked for another picture, my nearby coworkers and I got together and snapped the above photo to go into the newsletter. I’m so excited to see what they write about us on Thursday.

After work I went to a nearby bar to celebrate my old teammate as he is moving to Nebraska. This is the man who hosted Little Christmas Eve last year so I’m a bit bummed that won’t be happening again, although he did hint that we could go to his new house next year. The bar was all decked out in Halloween decor, it was impressive and enjoyable to look at. Well, perhaps not everything was enjoyable, there were some really weird flying monkey creatures hanging from the ceiling that I didn’t quite understand. But I did like speculating about them nonetheless. Overall it wasn’t too terrible of a day.

Flying bat monkey skeleton thing?

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