My week

Little Gumby toy I played with during training

Happy (late) Halloween all! This year I was more low-key and wore my dragon onesie. I wasn’t cold once, which is a rarity at my work so I think I may have discovered something. Onesies to work everyday?! Yesterday was an interesting day – three hours of it was taken up by a training and in the afternoon I got to help judge the entire HR department’s Halloween costume contest. It was a lot of fun to have people walk down the “runway” in front of me, trying to act out their costumes or just be funny. A few other employees volunteered to be judges so after everyone in the contest had walked past we quickly discussed who should win in each category and then prizes were given out. It was a cool way to end my work day.

Today my coworkers and I were featured in the district-wide newsletter for our rats! We were honored as representing Fun, one of our core values. Picture below is what made it into the newsletter. We’re all so proud, it was a good way to start the morning.


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