Mish Mash Party 2019


Yesterday I hosted a Mish Mash Party. (It’s a thing I made up.) Because we didn’t have Thanksgiving and we were all separated over Christmas and New Year’s, I decided the housemates and I needed to have a day of many celebrations, thus was created the Mish Mash Party.


We started the morning with fruit salad and a board game. Lunch followed with cows in a blanket, Christmas colored deviled eggs, homemade cheese twists, and cheese. Then it was on to building our very own blanket and pillow fort in the den. We even added lights. Sheets above us felt so grand and large. We hung out there for a bit, played a few more games, and then took our masterpiece down so we could watch The Good Place, a show we all enjoy. We had Chinese food and stuffing for dinner and ended the evening with pavlova.

Pillow fort – can you spot Gene?

I think I might do a Mish Mash party again. I wanted to decorate but didn’t have enough time due to travel. I’m thinking maybe we have one in the summer just for fun but I don’t have a good enough grasp on it yet to know if that’s a good idea. Let the planning begin!

Selfie in the pillow fort

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