Puzzle, comics, food

I spent the majority of the weekend at home doing small things around the house (but very minimal cleaning, not sure how I got away with that). Gene and I completed a puzzle I got for Christmas. Doing a puzzle on the main floor of our house with a cat roaming around is harder than I would prefer. Pippin quite enjoyed checking out the pieces and jumping on and off the table. We learned that using a sheet to cover the table is better than a blanket and that moving the table away from the window helps a bit with the cat issue. The puzzle itself was of cats so it seemed a bit on the nose that Pippin was all over it.

Elisabeth and I went to our comic meetup for our annual comic swap. Everyone brings in some of their favorite comics and we get to read over them to see what we’re interested in. I added three more comics to my to read list while also getting to eat some tasty pretzels.

After taking a hiatus from meal prepping we stepped back into it yesterday and made some meals. We’re trying out two new recipes: ratatouille and split pea soup. I’m thinking both of them will be decent, if not keepers. We have a pretty good cycle of recipes but I’m always on the lookout for new ones. I can happily say that many of the meals we make these days have come from friends and family.

After dinner (we tried “frying” tofu using our convection oven settings to some success) I started playing a game that Elisabeth had encouraged me to play – Abzu. It’s similar to Journey, a game I adore, but this one is based underwater. I am enjoying 95% of the game thus far, the last 5% is the part where I have to swim down into the dark depths, where I can’t see the bottom, and I’m no fan of that. But most of the game is gentle exploring of a colorful and  varied ocean world. I got to swim next to killer whales and manatees and sea turtles. I’m looking forward to continue playing it as I haven’t finished it yet.

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