Well, I haven’t quite met my mission of posting here a few times a week. I used to be really good at writing about mundane things but I’ve gotten out of the habit and it’s taking me a bit longer to get back into it. Here’s to me continuing to try.

I finished playing Abzu and am so glad Elisabeth didn’t give up on encouraging me because I really enjoyed the game. Towards the end of it I kept squealing with glee and shouting with happiness because of how beautiful and fun it was. I was swimming with fish and they were swimming with me and we all jumped through the water like a giant family.

The game took a total of about 3 1/2 hours and was a very mild one, perfect for me. There were a couple of those “dive down into the darkness” moments that definitely made my heart jump, although there really weren’t any jump scares or huge big bads. The ending was satisfactory and visually appealing. The scenery of the entire game was visually appealing, really, and most of it was splendid and vibrant and right up my alley. I loved the variety of sea life in this game, there’s a feature throughout where you can see the names of all the different life. There’s a few cool surprises and twists to the game too.

It was relaxing for the most part and I’m very happy with the experience. Elisabeth even took the time to set up a Playstation controller on my computer so I wouldn’t have to use the keyboard. Really good choice. Definitely recommend this game to beginners and video game lovers alike.

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