Bread & fondue

French bread

Gene made bread! He bought us a new bread machine this past week because our old one had failed the past three times I had used it (it’s a mystery and I had given up on the beast). He did some research (aka checked out The Wire Cutter ’cause that’s our go to research guru, asked his dad, and did other internet searchings) and bought one of the recommended machines when it went on sale. It got delivered yesterday and this morning we woke up to fresh French bread all thanks to Gene.

The bread reminded me very much of the homemade bread my dad used to make. The addition of butter and applesauce made it absolutely perfect. Gene’s dad sent him his own recipe for white and wheat bread, so Gene will try those next. The loaf this morning wasn’t very overpowering in it’s bread-y, yeasty scent so I’m hoping future loafs will up the aroma because I love the smell of fresh bread machine bread.

Gene & his first slice

For lunch I made Velveeta cheese fondue because for some reason I had been craving the old school Velveeta & salsa nacho cheese. I didn’t actually make that dish, however, but instead did their classic fondue with chicken broth (instead of white wine) and cheddar cheese. It wasn’t too bad, but The Melting Pot’s is still better. I think I could make better fondue if I didn’t use Velveeta, cause let’s be real, it’s not really cheese and it doesn’t have much of a flavor. But, it was really easy and relatively quick and it quenched my cravings. We served the cheese with Granny Smith apples, bread, carrots, and broccoli. The apples by far were the best combination. I know what I’m having as a snack tomorrow.

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