Dinner at Kaitlin’s

Sunday night, Sidney, Gene, and I made our way to Kaitlin’s house for dinner. My parents came over too so the house was full of laughter and noise. I loved seeing everyone. EG is as adorable as ever but is even more fun to be around because she knows so many words and is even saying full sentences. She liked hanging out with me last night which endeared her to me even more and made me feel so loved and happy. She’s a keeper.

Ollie is getting big, it’s like he’s defying his body’s allergic reaction to all things by gaining weight and being happy overall. He smiled a lot and laughed a little and it was nice to see that as I know his life is pretty tricky and difficult for him right now.

Kevin made a fire in the fireplace which was not only warm but quite beautiful, it was one of those Youtube video quality fires. Kaitlin made delicious ziti for dinner and read a diary she had found of our time in Disney World when we were in 3rd grade. Little Kaitlin could write! Her mind was going 120 miles per hour. She would have made a great tweeter if Twitter had existed back then.

EG enjoying the fire

My dad and EG made cookies together. Which basically means EG helped roll stuff out a bit but mostly ate the cinnamon sugar mixture for the snickerdoodles. She had been so excited to make cookies with him, I now understand it was excitement for both doing something with him AND for getting sugar.

It was a really lovely time and we’re going to try to make this happen more frequently. I think that’s a great idea.

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