Denver Milk Market

Josh and Brittany went to Denver Milk Market with me and Elisabeth yesterday since we all had the day off. Elisabeth and I had been there for one of our comic meetups recently but we hadn’t been able to grab food at the time so we were both excited to go again.

We all ended up getting bao from Bao Chica Bao. I tried the chicken, char sui pork, and tofu bao and thought they were good. The bao itself, the dumpling part, is fairly sweet so this is definitely a special treat meal. The chicken was my favorite followed by the tofu. The pork was a bit too spicy for my taste but if I was one who handled spice better I would have liked it just as much as the others. I got three bao for $12 which, for the most part,  is a good deal because of how filling the bao is. Three bao was more than enough for me, I didn’t finish everything. However, if you want any extra toppings besides the protein and some green onions, you have to pay extra. I think it would have been better if they allowed one addition at no charge and anything after that cost more, but I’m glad I gave it a try. I’d try their mushroom one next time.

After lunch we treated ourselves to some sorbet because why not. The passion fruit sorbet called to me and it was quite good, but one scoop was too big for me. I had to pawn it off on Josh and Brittany because I couldn’t eat it all. I really wish that all ice cream places had kid or mini scoops, it’s hit or miss if a place offers such a thing but such a thing is generally exactly what I want (unless it’s that one grapenut ice cream I tried at Sweet Cow long ago, I could have eaten loads of that deliciousness).

It was great to spend time with Josh and Brittany. More and more now I think that having a strong social circle is a good path to increased happiness and a long life.

One thought on “Denver Milk Market

  1. I’m so impressed with you for always being open to trying new things. Your last line is so true – having a strong community, be it family or friends, is very important!

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