2019 Collage

Elisabeth had a great idea at the beginning of the new year –  create a collage of what we envision for the year and want to strive for. That’s right up my alley (like the painting from earlier) so I got on board and after she collected a variety of magazines we set to work. Turns out I initially focused a lot on words rather than pictures, so I had to find some nice background pictures to supplement what would have been a brown, boring background. You all know I couldn’t stand for that! My life is too colorful and I love color too much to leave it brown. Thankfully, after switching my focus to pictures, I found lots that I liked and had no problem filling in the background. One may say I found too many images I liked. But I’m not that one!

For the past week I’ve been steadily creating my collage and I have to say I really like it. It’s beautiful and inspiring and I’m excited to look at it throughout this year.

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