Sushi Den

Elisabeth is turning 30 tomorrow (yay!) and so to celebrate slightly ahead of schedule, we went to Sushi Den on Sunday. Sushi Den is a high end sushi restaurant that Elisabeth fell in love with when her manager took her there a couple of times. This is the restaurant where fish is flown in from Japan every day. Yeah. And since she’s turning 30, a high end, fancy restaurant was called for.

While the evening was meant for Elisabeth, I greatly enjoyed my time. The restaurant opens at 5pm on Sundays and when we got there at 4:55pm, there were already three groups in front of us. The doors opened at 5pm and there was a line of waiters waiting to take people to tables. It was very odd to see, waiters waiting in line for customers. I think this is the first time I’ve experienced that. The kitchen is to your right when you walk in and it encompasses maybe half of the restaurant. Connected to it is bar seating for those people who want to get in on watching the action. Chefs were already preparing food when we sat down, and we got seated immediately.

There was such an assortment of options that I had a hard time choosing what to get – and I was only looking at vegetarian sushi and cooked meat sushi. We got a variety of sushi and I liked it all.  It’s very hard to choose a favorite as each one was different and delicious. Really, there wasn’t a plate I didn’t like. We didn’t have to wait very long to get our food and it came out in small waves so we weren’t too overwhelmed. Everything came out so beautiful too, not only was it delicious, but it was plated like a piece of art too.

We even treated ourselves to dessert where I tried banana tempura with ice cream. It was also good. And though this place is pricier than the usual restaurants we go to, it was by no means outrageous and was priced perfectly for a special evening out.

I would definitely go back.

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