Colorado Symphony

On Friday, Elisabeth and I stayed out to watch the Colorado Symphony perform a compilation of geek pieces in honor of Denver Comic Con. Elisabeth got us free tickets through the library and it was awesome! (This was her second time winning free symphony tickets through the library, how does she do it?!)

Gyro pita deliciousness

We started our evening by going to The Hummus and Pita Co, a pita restaurant off 16th Street Mall. We both love Greek food and neither of us had been there so it was perfect. This place is a Chipotle for Greek food and it was decent. Ingredients were good quality and the portions were huge, I could only eat half of mine.

Because it was an exceptionally cold day, almost no one was in the restaurant so we got our food quickly and ate almost as fast. Wasn’t a problem, except our show didn’t start for another hour or so and so we had to decide what to do next. We didn’t want to hang out in the restaurant because it was cold, there were too many windows and not enough heaters, so Elisabeth found us a dessert place to go to. That’s right, although I could only eat half of my pita, I knew I had room for dessert. Dessert stomachs, remember?

Crepes ‘N Crepes coziness

Crepes ‘N Crepes was our next stop. We caught one of the free buses so we were slightly less cold as we traveled a couple blocks to Writer’s Square. Neither of us had been here before either so we were getting two new experiences in one night! I fell in love with this place almost the moment I entered. The seating is kind of mismatched and there’s a giant wood bar that fills the majority of the restaurant, at least the front part. But perhaps the best part? It was warm!

Crepe deliciousness

We sat at the bar, because we’re adults and we’re cool, and we ordered two crepes to split. While we thought that was a good idea, we definitely should only have gotten one. Lesson learned – we didn’t finish either of the crepes. Still, the poached pear, toasted almonds, and vanilla ice cream crepe we got was delicious. Holy cow was it delicious.

After hanging out there for a bit and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we headed to the concert and arrived at perfect time. The concert itself was lovely – it featured music from Journey (one of my favorite games) and Lord of the Rings, to name just two. Great musicians and great music. Many of the musicians, and many of the audience, were dressed in nerdy cosplay, which made the evening so much more enjoyable.

It was a really wonderful evening and it made me want to go to more concerts. There’s another library lottery for other Colorado Symphony concerts coming up so I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be the one to win the tickets this time!

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