End of the weekend

Where is Pippin?

Elisabeth and I went to Stanley Marketplace this Sunday for our comic meetup. Elisabeth had suggested the location and I’m so glad she did because it was awesome going someplace closer to home. The meetup was fun, mostly because it was more intimate with only five people present and there was lots to discuss about the comic we had read. Stanley Marketplace was quieter than a lot of places we’ve gone to which made it an even better location. We got to hear everyone and everyone was able to contribute pretty evenly to the conversation. I really enjoy planning and attending these meetups and am very happy I found this group a little over a year ago.

Ice cream cake

After the meetup, we swung over to Sweet Cow where we picked up an ice cream cake for Elisabeth’s 30th birthday! It was her dessert of choice and since we all like Sweet Cow, it was decided we should try one of their cakes. We surprised Elisabeth with a half cookies and cream and half mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. It  was good but not amazing. I didn’t love the cake base and the whipped cream frosting was too sweet. I think the homemade cake we made last year was better. Still, it was nice that I didn’t have to make it and it looked professional.

That evening, Sidney, Gene, and I went to hear Aziz Ansari, as he was in Denver doing a few comedy shows. This man is popular and it was great to see a good portion of non-white people attended. Usually the majority of shows we go to are 98% white people. It’s good to have diversity. Gene got us great seats, as always, and overall it was a pretty fun show. Aziz spoke about social constructs and the negative aspects of our culture more than I had expected. Generally that’s not my style but he did a good job at it and was able to keep me listening the whole time. We weren’t allowed to have access to our phones during the show so I have no proof that I was there! (Except a credit card statement, multiple emails, and tickets. ;P )

BBQ chicken nachos

Yesterday, all but Sidney had the day off so to cheer Sidney up about the unfairness of life, we went and had lunch with her. Ate at Moe’s BBQ and it was a pleasant hour. Before we dropped Sidney back off at her work we swung by a bakery where I grabbed an absolutely delicious smore cookie. I almost stopped by again today to grab another but I showed a bit of restraint. Not sure how tomorrow will go though!

Smore cookie, so much deliciousness

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