Gardening Class

Yesterday I attended part 1 of 2 of Denver Botanic Garden’s Boot Camp. This new, 6 hour class is divided between two days and goes over soil, planning, vegetables, and perennials. Monday’s class focused on vegetables and planning a garden. It was a lot of information and I left a bit overwhelmed. Looking over my notes (four pages!), it doesn’t seem as overwhelming now, thankfully. I have a couple of questions that I’ll ask in the class tomorrow and I’ll continue to read over my notes and the handouts I was given. The speaker was so enthusiastic about everything that she invigorated me and now I’m dreaming of a backyard that is just covered in plants and vegetables. That’s a bit dangerous as I tend to create plans that are on the more unrealistic side of things. In fact, my yard plan last year that I worked and worked on to minimize and make realistic and reasonable, turned out to not be quite that and wasn’t completed all the way. Oh well, I got a good portion of it done and I’m still happy. I’ll try again this year to make a solid plan and see how that goes. Small progress, I have to keep that in mind, I don’t have to do everything at once!

Gardens at night!

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