Snow days!

Yesterday and today I had snow days – no work. That is the plus of working at a school district, there is a chance, even if a small one, that I’ll get the day off and get paid without having to take vacation time.

Triple berry pie!

Yesterday I made butternut squash soup and two pies – berry and lemon meringue. It is pi day today after all, and I didn’t know I would have today off so figured I better bake them now. I think I put a bit too much water in the pie crust as the crust shrunk when baked so my only course of action is to make pies more often so I don’t make that mistake again! Thankfully, the pies turned out okay, crust included. I used raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries in the berry pie and it’s delicious. Berry pie is definitely my favorite. The lemon meringue is fine, I think the crust is a little under baked but the meringue is over baked so that’s an interesting combination. I guess I should have blind baked the crust a bit longer. Gene suggested I start taking notes about the pies I make so I can keep improving, I like that idea and think I’ll do just that.

Pies, bread, and brownies oh yes!

Everyone else in the household came home early yesterday so that was nice. Gene made bread to go with the soup and Elisabeth made brownies so we had a very carb heavy night last night. It was lovely.

Today I went with Gene to the hospital for his 6 month liver transplant check up. Happy to say everything is fine, as expected. We’re back home now and who knows what we’ll get up to. I expect some cross stitching will be involved. I’m also going to make homemade ice cream to go with the pie. I imagine I’ll have to go to work tomorrow so I’ll enjoy as much of today as I can!

Happiness at the hospital

2 thoughts on “Snow days!

  1. WOW! Can’t believe all the cooking and baking! You are amazing! SO HAPPY to hear all is well with Gene. Dad is doing so much better, too.

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