Tokyo Bakery & Concert

On Saturday, Elisabeth and I made a stop at Tokyo Premium Bakery, a new to us Japanese-style bakery, before heading to the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus concert. Oh my goodness. Their croissant is the best croissant I have had in a very long time. It has a light sugar glaze on top which is my absolute favorite. I was not expecting it so imagine the joy I felt when I took that first bite. It really won me over to this place. But I couldn’t stop there. There were too many things that looked good so Elisabeth and I split a few different items including a custard fruit tart, melon bread, and a tuna sandwich. All were delicious. That tuna sandwich really hit the spot as I was starving for lunch. Such light, thick white bread with deliciously salty tuna and perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs. I will be back.

Such goodies

The bakery itself is pretty tiny and long. You walk in and grab a tray and fill it up yourself with the baked goods you want. Love that method of doing things. By the time we got there around 12:30pm, many of the items were sold out so that was a bummer. Lesson learned, go as early as I can handle it (although I imagine I’ll never be there at their 6am opening). They also have a variety of drink offers but since I’m not one to deviate from water I don’t know how good they are.

Again, I will be back. It was a great experience.

After we stuffed ourselves with goodies we went to the Opera House where we listened to the Denver Gay Men’s Chorus perform a Latin-inspired concert. It was fun. They sang some great songs but I think my favorite part were the dancers they hired to dance with them. Holy moly they were good and such a joy to watch. Good couple of hours!

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