Date Day with Gene

Pain au chocolate from Tokyo Premium Bakery

Yesterday Gene and I spent time together and I loved it. We got up in the morning and headed to Tokyo Premium Bakery. I had to bring him after last weekend’s joy. This time we got there early enough to snag a sausage roll, a pain au chocolate, and a raspberry croissant (on top of a regular croissant, of course). We also tried a cheese pastry. Oh my goodness, everything was delicious, but is that a surprise? It was lovely. We spent a bit of time there as we slowly ate our goodies and started to plan out our Day of Pizza we’ll be doing this Thursday during spring break.

Dog in one of the windows

We were a bit full, understandably, after breakfast, so we wandered around the nearby neighborhood for a while, looking at the cool houses and burning a few calories. The houses throughout Denver are so varied and unique that it’s fun to take a gander. There was a house at one point whose front yard was full of chairs, electronic equipment, and random junk. I mean, absolutely full that I had to wonder what the heck was going on. No answer was forth coming so we kept on walking.

Selfie in a park we passed

After we were satisfied with our neighborhood walk we went to the Botanic Gardens. The trees helped block the wind so it was a very pleasant time. We sat on a bench for a bit and soaked up the sun and then traversed the rest of the gardens, stopping to enjoy some turtles sunning themselves in the Japanese Garden.

Flower at the Botanic Gardens

We took a quick walk around City Park after that before going to Cake Crumbs for lunch and dessert. I got a tasty vegetable curry soup and Gene got chicken pot pie. Both were good and we finished them off. We grabbed some desserts to go (chocolate chip cookie for me) and ate them outside on a nearby bench. It was time to call it a day after that so we headed back home. I had such a wonderful time, I’m so glad Gene agreed to spend the day with me. We will have to do it again.

Yellow curry soup with tasty toast from Cake Crumbs

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