Pizza Day!

Let the pizza eating begin!

For over 5 hours on Thursday, Gene and I wandered Denver eating slices of pizza. It was awesome. We only hit 5 places, out of the 15 places we had marked. Granted, we knew we wouldn’t get to all 15 but I had thought we’d hit more than five. Alas, it was not to be – we’ll just have to do this again. Oh darn.

The idea was that we’d try pizzas from different pizzerias and by the end of it we would know which one was our favorite pizza place. Turns out I find that pizza is pretty similar among restaurants, at least at the five places we visited. There is slight variation on flavor and sauce, however. Below are my thoughts – note that this was the first time I had gone to any of these places.

Stop 1: Sexy Pizza – Cheese pizza

The pizza had a very mild flavor, if a flavor at all. There wasn’t much sauce, which I liked. The slice was very large and greasy. Sexy Pizza had garlic powder you could add in addition to regular red pepper and Parmesan. They were offering 50 cent drinks the day we went which I thought was a bonus.

Stop 2: Benny Blanco’s – Pepperoni pizza

After getting my own slice at Sexy Pizza, Gene and I realized we would have to split a slice from here on out if we were going to visit more than two places. So we aimed for pepperoni.

There wasn’t a lot of pepperoni on the pizza but what was there was good, there was a bit of a kick to it. The slice was bigger than the Sexy Pizza slice and it had less grease. I liked that you could add toppings to the pizza for 50 cents each. Nice custimization.

Stop 3: Pieology – Kid’s pepperoni pizza

For some reason I thought Pieology served slices so was disappointed to learn they didn’t. The staff convinced me, however, that their kid’s pizza was pretty small so Gene and I stayed and gave it a try. The pepperoni was tiny and cute and had a small kick to it as well. I thought the pizza was fine. This place is a Chipotle-style pizza place where they make the pizza in front of you down the line and bake it for 5 minutes. Again, nice customization but wasn’t quite the kind of pizza place I was looking for.

Stop 4: Pizzeria Colore – Ricotta pizza

I liked this nice, mild flavored pizza. It was unique in that there was a layer of ricotta cheese under the regular cheese. I liked it quite a bit. It was soft and a bit sweet.

Stop 5: Blue Pan Pizza – Pepperoni deep dish pizza

For our last stop we switched it up a bit and got a deep dish slice – it was the first place that was an option so we took advantage. Good choice, it was crispy and thick. The slice was a bit lopsided in that only half of it had pepperoni the other half just had cheese and basically no sauce. So that was odd. The sauce I thought was a bit too sweet but the rest of it was good. Blue Pan also offers a really good Parmesan mixture.

Taking a much needed cupcake break

So my final thoughts? No pizza was bad but I definitely want to go back to Pizzeria Colore and Blue Pan Pizza. Blue Pan Pizza offers polenta fries from what I heard and I’d be interested in giving those a try too. I was very impressed with their Parmesan mixture. And if Pizzeria Colore can do a good ricotta pizza then their other pizzas must be good too.

Regardless, I’m recruiting Elisabeth and Sidney for next Pizza Day so we can go to places that don’t serve slices. Looking forward to it!

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