Spring Break Highlights

Spring break is basically over now and I try not to yearn for more time off, especially since I haven’t actually gone back to work yet. Instead, I look forward to finding other activities to do as spring finally comes around.

Catmint is growing

My time off was filled with walks, cooking, and spending time with Gene. What more could I want? I worked in the front yard on Wednesday and am happy to say there is green in my garden. My lovely catmint peeks above it’s dead branches and mulch to reach the sun. And of course my hollyhock never really died for the winter, it’s full of green leaves already. Beautiful crocuses popped up about a week or so ago, bringing much loved color to the world. Thanks Lydia, for planting those, I’m planning on buying more this fall. There is always more to do in the yard so I think I’ll begin to schedule my pruning time in hopes that it encourages me to get out there more often.

Crocuses #nofilter

On Friday, Gene and I headed downtown to have lunch with Sidney as she has been working the Denver Auto Show the entire week. I tried out a new restaurant and although I didn’t like my meal I will get more of my beloved Google points since I took pictures. It was also nice to see Sidney for a brief time and know she was surviving.

Gene and I spent a good portion of our time playing a new game – Satisfactory. We’re explorers on a new planet, sent to gather resources for our home world. It has been very enjoyable not only because it’s a beautiful game but because I’m not taking it too seriously so I don’t stress about messing up or being perfect. It’s fun to play with Gene and is a nice way for me to relax.

I built a bridge in Satisfactory!

As I reflect back on the past five days it fills me with encouragement and excitement for the future. What will this new week bring? What will this spring bring? I’m going to find out!

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