My day – April 1

My entry back into the world of work wasn’t too bad. Gene made mint milkshakes after dinner last night and we sipped them as we watched Star Trek. I’m not sure I could have ended my time off any better.

Then, I came into work this morning to find a rat turned bunny perched on my desk. It was a genuine surprise and I called my coworkers over right away to partake in the joy. I had completely forgotten that one of our teammates planned on making an outfit over spring break so I think my amusement of it was even greater. He even has a little basket of felt eggs.

I chatted with a teammate I enjoy, almost got tricked by an April Fool’s Day box of donuts (really two baby carrots), and took a walk under the lovely sun. Sidney and I went to Target after work where I found the cross stitch capable bag I’d been wanting to get! Look at all that potential cross stitching.

Cross stitch bag

What a great canvas. People on reddit have been loving these bags and I wanted to hop on the bandwagon. It’ll be a nice change from the big cross stitch I’ve been working on for so long now.

Because life is tiring sometimes, we ended up ordering pizza for dinner instead of cooking and this time we ordered cinnastix too – that was a great choice. Turns out I really like them, perhaps too much. I’ll work on my discipline another day though, today I enjoyed them and now I am full. It was an okay Monday.


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