Pizza and work

Yesterday I went to Giordano’s Pizza for lunch. My coworkers and I had been trying to go to lunch since January and we finally made it happen. I was thrilled to go, not only to hang out with cool people, but because it’s a place that Gene and I didn’t hit on our Pizza Day so I was excited to try it. Giordano’s is a Chicago based restaurant that made its way to Denver – it specializes in deep dish but does have other options, including sandwiches.

I got the lunch special – a small deep dish pizza and small salad. The pizza was absolutely delicious. I did not expect to like it that much as my general experience with deep dish or deep dish like pizza isn’t the best (except the stuff in Chicago, that was good). I’m still not sure I’d like the regularly sized pizzas but I’m open to giving it a try at least once.

So that little excursion in my day was quite nice and then a teammate came by and gave me a Reese’s cup out of the blue and it made me feel even happier.

I can also happily share that I am now Level 7 with my Google contributions! I was hoping for a big fanfare and a gift card (or something) but I just got an email. At least I can consider myself a rock star now!

Today I went on a lovely walk during work and felt instantly refreshed and happy as the sun hit my face and warmed me all the way through. I know it’s inevitable we’ll have some more snow before real summer comes but I’m still very thrilled that I’ve made it through the majority of winter.

I made a ladybug friend

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