Weekend times 4/7-4/8

Awesome weekend was awesome. Elisabeth took me to Arc Thrift Store where I FINALLY found two pairs of jeans I like. I have been looking for jeans for at least a year and have had zero luck. Turns out I’m very picky about how jeans fit. Who knew the Arc store 10 minutes away from me was the key? I’ll remember that for next time. I also picked up a pair of jean capris for the first time in my life. I feel so…fancy? Like a hick? I’m not quite certain yet.

Succulent fair

Because the weather was so lovely I worked in the yard both days too. The front yard is now clear of leaves and all plants have been pruned. There is so much green in my yards and I love it. And by “so much” I mean a good portion of my plants are peaking out of the ground and have green leaves. They may not be big right now but they’re there. The backyard is mostly clear of leaves but still needs work – that will happen as I do other things. Now that I’ve cleared out the big piles of leaves I’d like to start taking pictures of my plants and taking notes about how things are going. It’s something that the Botanic Garden class recommended and I hooked onto.

More pastries!

I also made more homemade raspberry jam because Sidney made homemade pastries and I figured jam would go great with them. Besides, we were basically out since I only made a half batch last time. This time I made a whole batch thanks to Sidney’s quick trip to the store and I used about half the sugar and kept all the seeds in. The jam is a lot better with less sugar – you can really taste the raspberries. It does mean that the jam isn’t as thick as it usually is so Gene suggested I add a thickener next time. I’ll have to look into that.

Succulent planter in kitchen

On Sunday morning I took Sidney and myself to the Succulent Fair, something I had just learned about from Josh and Brittany. I had tried to go on Saturday but it was so amazingly crowded that I walked out. Sunday morning was the time to go, we got in right away and had no problem walking around. I bought a bunch of awesome succulents and planted them in my indoor kitchen planters that have been sitting around for months. Now the kitchen really looks great! I’m very proud of how the planter turned out and think I’ve become an official succulent fan. I might look into joining the succulent society that put on the fair, we’ll see.

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