Monday evening with friends

On Monday I went to dinner with two ladies I met through my comic book meetup. I’m trying to expand my social circle so I decided to see if these two would be open to doing stuff outside of meetup events. And they were! It made me feel really good. We went to The Market, an eclectic restaurant-cafe-store-type thing, in Larimer Square downtown. It felt very “big city” to me, I liked it. You walk in to a cafe with gigantic pastries and then walk up a few stairs to find yourself in a space filled with a deli, lots of seating, and a variety of snacks and goodies. On one side of the deli is hot fare and a variety of salads such as chicken , pasta, and caprese. The other side is for sandwiches and wow is the selection overwhelming. In the middle is the cash register and a display case of desserts such as eclairs and tiramisu. In order to not spend hours at this place I made the decision to get a turkey sandwich almost as soon as I saw it. I liked the sandwich and the set up of the place in general too.

We hung out there for a bit, which was lovely because for the most part there was no one else around us (I hear this is a big lunch place, less popular around dinner, so score for me). I grabbed a croissant and chocolate muffin for dessert. They weren’t as sweet as I was hoping for so that was a bit of a disappointment. I’ll have to try a different item next time.

Afterward we wandered over to Rocket Fizz, the soda and candy store. While they didn’t have the birch beer that Gene discovered he liked, they had so much other things that it was fun to stroll around and gawk at the crazy candy we found. Popcorn flavored Mike and Ikes? No thanks. There was a giant snail mask that I kind of wanted to buy for Sidney but held back since she wasn’t there to confirm. Instead, I purchased myself a Rugrats puzzle because it really called to me and as my friend said, “this purchase supports a local business.” I couldn’t say no to that reasoning!

Anyways, I look forward to hanging out with these two again because I really enjoyed myself and I believe they both had a similar experience. Friends are cool.

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