School, cross stitch, & cookie

Beautiful paper crane art at the school

Today I volunteered at a school for a few hours because both their secretaries were out. I really like the principal of this school so I was excited to be able to see her so it made my day when she gave me a big hug as soon as she saw me – that made me feel very special. While I wasn’t the best support they could have had (I really don’t know day to day school systems), I was at least a body in the front who could say hello to kids and I did end up helping with attendance. It was nice to get out of my office, to see some kids, and to have the principal and APs be happy to see me.

Cross stitch project

I got out a bit early from the school so I worked from home the rest of the day which gave me the chance to finish a cross stitch I had been secretly working on for Gene. Today marks the 365th day in a row Gene has logged into a phone game he likes to play. He was telling me on Monday how today was that day and the light bulb went off in my head that I should make him a celebratory cross stitch. So I looked up images of the game, designed my own cross stitch pattern (first time!) and started the cross stitch at work during lunch. It was a mad rush to get it to a place I considered “good enough” but I did and it was sitting on Gene’s desk 5 minutes before he got home today. I was pretty flustered but extremely proud. I plan on adding more to it but it was a legit surprise for Gene and I’m thrilled.

S’mores cookie

But what’s really awesome is that Sidney surprised me today! She brought home my possibly favorite cookie ever – s’more cookie from the bakery near her work. While I don’t believe it was tied to my exhilarating and tiring finish of Gene’s cross stitch, it was absolutely perfect timing. I ate most of it right then instead of waiting until after dinner, but sometimes you have to have dessert first, right?

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