Friday dinner

Crispy beef deliciousness

Yesterday I had dinner with my comic meetup group. We went to Ace, Eat, Serve, the restaurant the housemates and I went to for Denver Restaurant Week. It was nice to be able to try their regular fare. I got their crispy beef and quite liked it. But the company was the real reason for the lovely evening, it was great getting to hang out and catch up. I learned that one of the ladies plants vegetables and that she’s had great success with beans, peas, and tomatillos. I learned that the other woman likes to cook a variety of Asian foods. It was an enjoyable couple of hours.

Dragon gargoyle

I wandered around downtown Denver before dinner since there wasn’t a point in me going home and that was good too. Walking around outside is so good for my mood, everyone should do it. There were lots of flowers to see and some cool homes. I passed by the above dragon gargoyle that looked pretty fancy and I wandered by a store I had been interested in for a while. I didn’t go into the store because it looked way too time consuming and cluttered so perhaps I’ll go in another time. Instead I wound my way back towards the restaurant and met Elisabeth at Fluid Coffee for 20 minutes since our reservation wasn’t until 6pm. I grabbed myself a really delicious chocolate muffin and we chilled until dinner.

Cool restaurant artwork I liked on my walk around town

Today I went to Denver Independent Comic Con (DINK) and bought some cool art. I’ll post pictures tomorrow and more details tomorrow.

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