Monster storyboard

Yesterday I went to DINK. Second time going, my aim was to find some cool art and an enamel pin. While I didn’t end up getting an enamel pin, I did find a wooden one that caught my eye plus two buttons. I also grabbed myself a couple of art pieces too.


I got a really neat monster drawing on a piece of foam board that was part of this one artist’s storyboard process. I liked the idea, it’s unique and special and it only cost $1. I almost bought more, there was a variety of them, but I figured one would be enough since I don’t have an actual plan for it yet.

I also got two art prints from another artist that really called to me. Look how adorable that plant piece is. There’s even a bulbasaur planter in there! The colors of the skull piece stood out so nicely that I was drawn to it. Never thought I’d be drawn to a skull until yesterday. I think both prints will be a great addition to my large art wall.

I enjoyed walking around the two floors of booths but it was a bit tiring. I think I might take a break from DINK for a year or two. It was nice to see some of the people I bought stuff from last year and know they had come back and were still kicking it. But I don’t like having to pay money to get into this place and then pay more money to buy art I like. Such is the way of conventions. I need a new way to find cool art. I’m thinking art festival and Denver? Pretty sure we have loads of those throughout the summer.

Wooden moth pin from A.J. Delp – ajdelp.com

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