End of weekend, beginning of week.

Besides DINK, I got a few other things done this weekend. Gene and I played more Satisfactory where we made our base even more of a maze than it already was and where we explored more of the world and found mushroom trees. I had a lot of fun exploring with Gene and am now thinking up plans of how to better organize our home turf.

A glimpse of just part of our Satisfactory base

I also framed a cross stitch I had done a few months ago. It’s about time! I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I bought the frame from Amazon after I couldn’t find one at Target I liked, so that in itself was a bit scary. Frames are such an adult thing to me, and since I don’t always feel like an adult, it can be frightening to buy them, especially if I can’t see it in person. But this one turned out just fine.

Cross stitch art

About a week ago I purchased a tiny backpack and a fanny pack for myself because I was sick of purses. They hurt my back and my shoulders and they always fall off and they’re just a hassle. So for a week now I’ve been using my backpack as a purse and loving it. I even put some pins on it. I showed the two from DINK but there are a few others on there. I have a pin from Lydia and one from my parents and two little dice pins from a kickstarter I backed. I like it. 😀

Tiny backpack with pins

The weather got nice again so I went outside for a walk today at work and it was lovely. No coat, no jacket. I love it. I even happened upon a tree that was blossoming and had to stop to grab a picture. Google edited the photo and made it brighter but I’m still posting it because I’d like to think it was that pretty in real life. I wonder what I’ll see tomorrow.

Tree blossom

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