Succulents & islands

I had a surprise day off today due to the sadness of the world. Because the FBI thought there was a credible threat to schools and school personnel, Denver Public Schools closed the district today to keep everyone safe. Never thought I’d be in that situation so it caused me some anxiety this morning. But after a few breaths, a hug from Gene, and realizing that this was a really great situation (the district wants to keep us safe), I felt better and soon was creating a list of things I wanted to do with my day.

I got all the grocery shopping done and even made a stop at Lowe’s to pick up some sand and perlite – that’s right, I’m making my own soil for my new succulents. I discovered today while trying to water them that the potting soil I used was just not draining properly. After some internet searching turns out that’s normal and adding sand and perlite will help make it perfect for succulents. So hopefully I’ll get that mixture done tomorrow and can work on figuring out how to replace soil without damaging my little plants.

After errands I treated myself to a new video game – Islanders. Gene found it for me and I’m loving it so far. It’s a very relaxing, simple, city building game. The art is just lovely and it’s accompanied by such peaceful music. The game play is easy and quick to learn. The interface is
very simple with minimal distractions. It was a great find and I’m very proud of my first island city. I put all those buildings on there! Houses and mansions and fountains and parks. There’s even a brewery.

Now I’m about to head to downtown to pick up Gene and Sidney as we’re going to an event called Nerd Nite. Should be fun as we hear from three different speakers about nerdy topics. It’s in a venue I’ve never been to before which is neat and we’ll probably go to a new restaurant for dinner beforehand. It’s turning out to be a really nice day.

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