Nerd Nite

Nerd Nite last night was really fun. It started with dinner at Crush Pizza. While I enjoyed the company and the talk, I did not really enjoy the pizza. It was sold as deep dish but it wasn’t really deep dish pizza (I’ve been to Chicago once, I know). It was basically regular pizza but with a taller and slightly thicker crust. That was disappointing. The crust was a bit odd in itself, it was kind of a fried cornbread, and there was too much cheese. The pizza wasn’t for me. So now I know I won’t rush out to this pizza place again – no bother though because it’s not near my house at all.

After dinner we headed to The Bug Theater where we enjoyed Nerd Nite. Three different men spoke on three different topics. We had Star Wars’ sounds, life on Mars, and working in Antarctica. The Antarctica one was definitely my favorite, possibly because it was the most accessible to me. Plus, it’s basically another world – on our own planet – how cool is that? It was so interesting to learn about what it’s like on the continent and the long journey of how one gets there. After each 20 minute talk, the audience could ask questions for a few minutes. It was very reminiscent of Mixed Taste that I went to last year. The audience asked good, thoughtful questions and there was a snack and drink bar in the back where I treated myself to Sour Patch Kids. I think I will come back for the May Nerd Nite. The Bug Theater is a tiny, intimate theater with chairs that aren’t in numerical order, a skeleton in the closet, and a stuffed Nixon that sits in the back. It’s eclectic and fun.

On our way home I got to see an impressive lightning show and a lovely view of downtown at night. I LOVE lightning shows. We get a few every year and I try to make sure I watch as much as I can. This one was interesting because I saw the light behind the clouds, not many big lines, just clouds lit up. It was such a great evening.

In other news, one of my ground cover plants bloomed! I was looking out the window, as I do, and I caught a glimpse of purple that I knew wasn’t there previously. I dashed outside and my plant has loads of purple blooms. Made me really happy.

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