Plants and more plants

Yesterday I made my own succulent soil – I’m very proud. Thanks to this guy’s directions I was easily able to make my own in a very short period of time and I noticed an immediate difference when I tested it. It drained water SO MUCH better than the plain potting soil my succulents had been living in. So I took the time to transfer out the old soil and put in the new, better soil and I watered all the plants afterward. I hope this will keep them happy and large and bright. Now I think I’m going to buy a little succulent care kit so I can water them a bit easier. Give me enough time and even the inside of my house will be full of plants.

I also did a bit of yard work, pulling weeds mostly, but it did include some measuring and taking pictures of plants for my personal notes. But I’m most excited that the plants Lydia gave me for my wedding last year have come up! They are still alive and I hope that means I get to see some flowers this year since they didn’t bloom last year.

My yard is looking pretty snazzy, sometimes you have to look closely because the growth is very small, but it’s there! The weather was so pleasant yesterday evening that after working in the yard, the housemates and I sat outside on the front porch and relaxed for a bit. It was so lovely.

One thought on “Plants and more plants

  1. I think horticulture is perfect for you! You got that green thumb from my mother and grandfather. You would have loved your Great Grandpa Lane. Your gardening makes me so happy.

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