Trash and Family

Picking up trash, meeting new people, and spending time with my family meant that my Sunday was full of awesomeness. I joined a new meetup group recently – Denver Cleanup Club – and Sunday was our first meetup. We met at a nearby park and walked around for 45 minutes picking up trash. I really enjoyed myself and met a decent amount of people that seemed cool. I liked being outside, I felt good about picking up trash, and it was nice meeting people who also want to keep Denver pretty. I’ll definitely be going to as many of those meetups as I can make.

EG throwing eggs in her basket

I also had dinner with my family which was lovely. We met up at Kaitlin’s house and had a delicious Easter meal. I loved seeing Ollie and EG – they bring such joy to my life whenever I see them. EG is such a great speaker, she says full sentences and is brilliant. She can even sing the entire ABC song, not only correctly, but also very quickly. Ollie is getting so big and he kept staring at me when I first came in that I couldn’t help but laugh and smile. What did he see in me? We did a quick egg hunt for EG before she went to bed and she was so much fun to watch. She would find an egg, run over to her basket, throw the egg in, and then throw her hands in the air with victory.

I plan on spending a lot more time over there this summer so who knows what fun things we’ll get up to!

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